Works by Tyler Payne Installation Shot

Image credit Janelle Low (C) 2022

Vanitas (kim)

The male gaze continues its long career. Kim Kardashian, in all her ubiquity, has been accepted by one of the foremost fashion brands, Balenciaga, as an appropriate model
– status icon – to walk for their couture show in Paris. Simultaneously, Kardashian is
shrinking the curves that defined her, moving toward the ‘heroin chic’ that defined the fashion of the 90’s and in such figures as Kate Moss. This is nothing less than a cultural revolution, in my view, and apotheosis for this self-deifying figure. It a new high - water mark for the male gaze, which continues its long career – now online.

Tyler Payne 2022
(C) Tyler Payne 2022

Vanitas (Kim)

Digital Installation, (electro bri-collage animation, timber, vintage frame)

This work is a homage to Audrey Flack’s painting Marilyn (Vanitas) 1977 re-imagined as a digital animated installation with the contemporary beauty figure of our time Kim Kardashian.